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In 1926 Gibran published Sand and Foam. It comprises about three hundred aphorisms of two to a dozen lines, generally written in the style of The Prophet. Sand and Foam is decorated with Gibran’s drawings, and the aphorisms are separated by floral dingbats also drawn by Gibran. Some scholars consider this book the off cuts of The Prophet, written on various materials from match box cartons and napkins whenever inspiration would take hold.

Tags: 1926, GibrankhalilGibran, kahlilgibran, knopf, sandandfoam

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Youth and Age, The Syrian World, 1, 6, December 1926, 3–5 [digitized by the Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA].

Tags: 1926, JubranKhalilJubran, kahlilgibran, TheSyrianWorld, youthandage

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John G. Moses, Annotated Index to The Syrian World, 1926-1932, with the assistance of Eugene Paul Nassar, edited by Judith Rosenblatt, Saint Paul, Minnesota: University of Minnesota - Immigration History Research Center, 1994.

Tags: 1926, 1932, annotatedindex, GibrankhalilGibran, kahlilgibran, TheSyrianWorld

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al-Nabī [The Prophet], Translated into Arabic by Antūniyūs Bashīr, al-Qāirah: al-Maṭbaʻah al-Raḥmānīyah bi-Miṣr, 1926.

Tags: 1926, al-nabi, arabic, GibrankhalilGibran, kahlilgiran, TheProphet

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K. Gibran, Le prophète, translated into French by Madeline Mason-Manheim, Paris: Éditions du Sagittaire, 1926.

Tags: 1926, french, MadelineMason-Manheim, TheProphet, translation

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Fragmentos de El Loco de Kahlil Gibran: La Ciudad Santa (Excerpts from The Madman by Kahlil Gibran: The Blessed City, translated into Spanish), Clarinidas, Santiago de Chile, Year II, No. IV, Sept. 1926, pp. 5-6.
Tags: 1926, magazine, spanish, themadman, translation