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The First International Conference on Kahlil Gibran: The Poet of the Culture of Peace, The Kahlil Gibran Research and Studies Project at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland, College Park, December 9-12, 1999. 

Tags: 1999, conference, gibranchair, maryland, program

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Ameen Albert Rihani, The Book of Khalid and The Prophet. Similar Universal Concerns with Different Perspectives: A Comparative Study, PALMA, Volume 7, Issue no. 1, 2001, pp. 31-41. 
Presented at "The Gibran International Conference", University of Maryland, College Park, December 9-12, 1999, Maryland USA.
Tags: 1999, conference, Rihani, study, thebookofkhalid, TheProphet

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Yasūʻ ibn ʼal-ʼinsān [Jesus the Son of Man], Translated into Arabic by Sharwat 'Ukāshah, Bayrūt: Dār al-Shurūq, 1999.

Tags: 1999, arabic, JesusSonofMan, translation