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Daniel Sébastien Larangé, "Les Noces mystiques de l’Orient et de l’Occident selon l’évangile de Khalil Gibran", Studii şi cercetă filologice: seria limbi romanice, n. 15 vol. 1 (2014), pp. 26-49.

The relationship between East and West shapes the heart of the aesthetics and the ethics of Kahlil Gibran works. It takes a spiritual and universal dimension because it is already a part of the life of the artist who left his native Lebanon to arrive in Boston and New York, where he disappointed his entourage becoming a poor painter and writer. His conception on the subtle dialectic which articulates the two cultures allows him to regenerate the Arabic language and literature while spiritualizing the idiom and the American imagination. It demonstrates the interweaving of these two poles which apparently mutually exclusive but complementary to finally balance the world. It celebrates the alchemical wedding between Day and Night from which light of the world will spread. It’ s a real proclamation of a gospel.

Tags: 2014, academic, Finland, Montreal, study, theses