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In 1920 Knopf published 'The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems.' It begins with a prologue in which the narrator says that each person is his or her own forerunner. Among the twenty-three parables are one in which a king abandons his kingdom for the forest; another in which a saint meets a brigand and confesses to committing the same sins as the bandit; and a third in which a weathercock complains because the wind always blows in his face. The volume closes with a speech, “The Last Watch,” presumably by the Forerunner, addressing the people of a sleeping city. The bitterness of the wartime writings of the years is largely gone, replaced by an ethereal love and pity for humanity that foreshadows Gibran’s later work.

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Isidor Schneider, "The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems, by Kahlil Gibran" (review), Poetry, Vol. XVIII, No. I, April, 1921, pp. 39-41.

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al-Sābiq (The Forerunner), Translated into Arabic by Anṭūniyūs Bashīr, Egypt: al-Hilāl, 1924 (1st edition).
Source: Arab American National Museum 

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