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Kahlil Gibran ~ The Reluctant visionary ~ a film by Glen Kalem from Elucidate Pictures on Vimeo.


The more that has been written about Gibran the more elusive the man himself has tended to become as critics, friends, and biographers have built up a variety of unconnected pictures. To answer the question “who was Kahlil Gibran and why is he still relevant? The Reluctant Visionary through the tireless efforts of Gibran researcher Glen Kalem asks some of our most significant minds and global figures, who at stages in their own life used Gibran’s poetry and mentorship to achieve their own life’s purpose. If the poet as he wrote is ” a link between this and the coming world” … a pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink” our quest in tracing his readership we hope to find hints of Gibran’s poetic vision of a united universal-world at work, as either a myth or as a “coming of the ages” prediction. Who was Gibran is our quest, finding the answer is going to take some spirited effort and a camera. Join us.

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