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Nathan Haskell Dole, Omar Khayyam the Tentmaker: A Romance of Old Persia, cover design by Kahlil Gibran, Boston: L.C. Page & Company, 1899 (reprint 1902).

Tags: 1899, Boston, Cover, Design, OmarKhayyam

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Fred Holland Day, Portraiture and the Camera (The Young Sheik [Kahlil Gibran]), The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac, Edited by Walter E. Woodbury, New York: The Scovill & Adams Company, 1899.

Tags: 1899, FredHollandDay, NewYork, Photograph

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Cromwell Childe, "New York's Syrian Quarter", The New York Times, August 20, 1899.

Tags: 1899, ArabAmercian, LittleSyria