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Z. Randall Stroope (Composer), "Winter", from The Life of Love by Kahlil Gibran (trans. Anthony Rizcallah Ferris), Alliance Music Publications, Inc., 2005. 

“Come close to me, my strength, my life; let not winter's touch enter between us . . . Speak to me of your glory, obscure the elements beyond the door, and sing the song of remembrance . . . Stoke the ashes, light the fire . . . Come close to me . . . how deep and wide the ocean of slumber.” 
Click here ( to hear a recording. (MP4)
Tags: 2005, anthonyRFerris, Music

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Angela Montinari, "Un pozzo di saggezza senza tempo", BariSera, Nov 28-29, 2005, p. 21 (review)
Tags: 2005, FrancescoMedici, italian, Prophet, Review, The

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Maria Paola Porcelli, "Gibran, «Il Profeta» dell’Oriente amava le piramidi di New York", La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Nov 20, 2005, p. 25 (review)

Tags: 2005, FrancescoMedici, italian, Review, TheProphet

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Jean & Kahlil Gibran, "Jubran Khalil Jubran: Hayatuhu wa 'Alamuhu" (Kahlil Gibran: His Life and World), translated into Arabic by Fatima Qandil and Bahaʼ Jahin, Cairo: Supreme Council Of Culture, 2005.

Tags: 2005, arabic, biography, translated