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Star of the West, Vol. 10, No. 4, May 17, 1919, p. 60; Vol. 10, June 24, 1919, p. 110.
Mr. Gibran of New York, said, “ One of the most beautiful things in religion is the statement revealed by God: ‘I was a hidden Treasure and I created man that I might be known. ’ By drawing closer together we get nearer to God, richer in His knowledge. Those who think that the fighting spirit and success in arms alone make a first class peo­ple have yet much to learn. The uni­versal note of harmony is the music of the spheres.”­ (p. 60)
Convey my greeting to Dr. Guthrie and Kahlil Gibran and say: “In the future some Tablets will be sent that ye­ may translate them, and, having translated them, print them.” (p. 110)
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Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, "The Story of the Divine Plan Taking Place During, and Immediately Following World War I", New York: The New History Foundation, 1947 (Digitally republished, East Lansing, Mi.: H-Bahai, 2004, p. 103).
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