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Nadeem N. Naimy, Mikhail Naimy: An Introduction, Beirut: American University of Beirut, 1967.
Tags: 1967, AUB, introduction, MikhailNaimy

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"AUB & Gibran Exhibition", American University of Beirut, Aug 17, 1972, p. 8. 
Kahlil Gibran International Exhibition, organized and assembled by S.B. Bushrui for the Gibran National Committee and the American University of Beirut, in collaboration with the Youth Committee of the World Lebanese Cultural Union, Beirut: the National Council for Tourism, 2-15 August 1972
Tags: 1972, AUB, beirut, GibranExibition

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Campaign to Establish Kahlil Gibran Chair in Literature - Kahlil Gibran Day, American University of Beirut Bulletin, 25, 9, Mar 13, 1983, pp. 1,3.

Tags: 1983, article, AUB, beirut, GibranDay