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Ruju' al-Habib [The Return of the Beloved], Ayyuha al-Fan [An Ode to the Art], Az-Zouhour, 1, 4, June 1910, pp. 141-145; 1, 5, July 1910, pp. 193-195.

The monthly journal Az-Zouhour ("Flowers") was published in Cairo from 1910 until 1913. Altogether, 40 issues exist. The editor Antoun J. Gemayel (1887-1948) did already participate in the publication of the Beirutian newspaper al-Bashir (1870-1947) and the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram (1875-today). Literature and art were the main focus whereat the journal mainly tried to support young authors and to improve the relationship between arab writers from different regions. In addition Az-Zouhour wanted to keep the balance between European and contemporary Arabic literature like some other later popular journals. Beside literary criticism, book reviews and news about the literary life in Egypt, the authors stand up for the establishment and enhancement of the egyptian theatre. Az-Zouhour was the first journal to publish in its series a play of Shakespeare, Julius Caesar. Until the cut-off in 1913 the journal organized numerous writing competitions which helped to achieve more popularity. Eventually Az-Zouhour was able to add a significant contribution to the Egyptian literary life.

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