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Today Even As Yesterday - Unpublished Manuscript (Barbara Young Collection)


[Today Even As Yesterday] Today, the sun is in the sky Even as yesterday And the birds sing ceaselessly in the forest Yet lightless is my day and songless. Even as yesterday The wind dances upon the hills And the bay trees and the lilies Melt tenderly into space Yet breathless is my day and scentless. Today, my heart throbs Even as yesterday Yet here it lies in a coffin as dead. The hours beat the muffled drums And memory, half dumb, Speaks the funeral oration. And regret is digging the grave. O love, you who walk the earth in search of life Lay your hand again upon my heart And say it is not dead. Disperse these mourners And let me rise again To walk with you Even as yesterday.

In 1925 the poet Barbara Young (pseudonym of Henrietta Breckenridge Boughton) became Gibran’s secretary. She remained with Gibran for the rest of his life and played a major role in events after his death.

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Miss Barbara Young Will Talk on Gibran, "Democrat and Chronicle" (Rochester, New York), 02 Nov 1933, Thu, p. 8.

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Letter of Barbara Young to Mr. Isham (and a sketch by Gibran), New York City, 26th April 1931.
Young states 'You have been many times in my thoughts since the hour you spent with the great pictures in the Studio' and continues 'All that is now over. We are sailing May 4th for England, then the continent and eventually Syria. The pictures will go almost intact to Beshari', adding that some will remain in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Young further adds 'I am sending you a sketch which Gibran once sent me in a letter - and was therefore by his own hand. This is my recognition of your beautiful understanding of his work.' 
Tags: 1931, BarbaraYoung, Isham, NewYork, Sketch

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Barbara Young presents the Works of Kahlil Gibran [Scrapbook], New York 1933 [excerpts].
A photo album kept by Barbara Young and used as a scrapbook to house photographs from an exhibit she curated in 1933 at the Sherman Square Hotel in New York City of the works of Kahlil Gibran. This Album is now part of the private collection of Glen Kalem. 
Tags: 1933, BarbaraYoung, Exhibiton, GlenKalem, NewYork, photograpghs, scrapbook

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Barbara Young, This Man from Lebanon. A Study of Kahlil Gibran, New York: Knopf, 1945.

Tags: 1945, BarbaraYoung, biography, knopf, NewYork

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At his death Gibran was working on The Garden of the Prophet (1933), which was to be the second volume in a trilogy begun by The Prophet. It is the story of Almustafa’s return to his native island and deals with humanity’s relationship with nature. Of the third volume, “The Death of the Prophet,” only one sentence was written: “And he shall return to the City of Orphalese . . . and they shall stone him in the market-place, even unto death; and he shall call every stone a blessed name.” Barbara Young explained that she had destroyed the manuscript for The Wanderer that Mary Haskell had edited; as for The Garden of the Prophet, she later wrote that the urge to complete the book came to her “in the deep of night” and that “his glowing words came into being as if he were indeed supplying the need.”
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K. Gibran, Prose Poems, Translated from the Arabic by Andrew Ghareeb, With a Foreword by Barbara Young, New York: Knopf, 1934.

Tags: 1934, andrewghareeb, BarbaraYoung, knopf, NewYork, prosepoems

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Barbara Young, The Man Who Could Not Die: A Tale of Judas the Disciple, Illustrated by Kahlil Gibran, New York: Privately Printed, 1932 (Inscribed by the Author).

Tags: 1932, BarbaraYoung, book, illustrations, NewYork