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Copley Square Redesign, Boston Redevelopment Authority, February 10, 1986.

It presents information on the history of Copley Square in Boston's Back Bay and the various urban design configurations of this open space; includes a chronology of the current redesign of this park and information on its budget, planning, citizen participation, the national design competition, Copley Square Centennial Committee, fund raising and the winning design (Clarke and Rapuano); also includes information in its concept, surfaces, plantings, fountain, and lighting; appendices include the "Competition Guidelines", biographical information on Daniel J. Ahern, Jr. and Kahlil Gibran, background "technical" information on traffic, pedestrians, wind, sun, etc.

Tags: 1986, Boston, copleysquare, memorial, plaque

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Kahlil Gibran: Memorial, Copley Square, Boston, Sept. 25, 1977 (Poster)

Tags: 1977, Boston, copleysquare, memorial, poster