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Naimy's only volume of collected poems appeared as late as 1945. It includes 44 poems and 4 drawings by the Author. One of the poems (If but Thorns Realized, pp. 28-29) is illustrated by a pencil drawing by Kahlil Gibran. In the drawing is a patch of rough, prickly bramble. Just outside the patch and all by itself stands a white lily with a long stalk. In the bramble and agonizingly caught by the thorns are a number of naked men hopelessly in search of the lily whose smell they detect but whose place they cannot identify. Near the lily and just outside the thorny patch stands a man giant. His back to the men and the thorns, and his head soaring high until it touches the clouds, he is able to see the flower and puts his right hand gently over it.

Tags: eyelidwispherings, GibrankhalilGibran, Hamsaljufun, kahlilgibran, MikhailNaimy