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O Mother Mine, I Wandered Among the Mountains, Three Maiden Lovers [Three Lebanese Folk Poems Translated from the Arabic], Folk Songs of Many Peoples, Vol. II, New York: The Woman's Press, 1922, pp.  370-373; 380-381; 386-387.

Tags: folksongsbymanypeoples, Gibran, kahilgibran, thewomenspress

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Gibran: El Profeta [Gibran: The Prophet], Soumaya Museum [Exhibition Guide], Mexico City, from Dec 11, 2009.
Tags: 2009, elpropheta, Exhibiton, Gibran, guide, museum, soumaya

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Eugene Paul Nassar, Cultural Discontinuity in the Works of Kahlil Gibran, MELUS, Vol. 7, No. 2, Between Margin and Mainstream (Summer, 1980), pp. 21-36.

Tags: 1980), Cultural, Eugene, Gibran, Kahlil, Nassar, Paul

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Osho, "Books I Have Loved: Talks given from 1982", Oregon, USA, 1984.

Tags: 1982, 1984, Gibran, Miscellaneous, Naimy, talks

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Otared Haidar, The Visual Narratives of the High Renaissance: From Aleppo’S Circle to Jubran and New York Pen-Club, ARAM 25:1&2 (2013), pp. 357-363.
Tags: 2013, Arrabitah, article, Essay, Gibran