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In 1970-1980

Juliet [Thompson] Remembers Gibran: As told to Marzieh Gail, World Order, 12:4, 1978, pp. 29-31.
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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to Juliet Thompson, Boston, December 28, 1915. 
Dear Juliet, 
I shall be more than glad to know Albert Vail. Your friends are my friends - even those whome [sic] I have not yet known. I wonder how many friends you and I have of whome we know nothing? 
I know that the New Year will bring you blessings - just as well as I know that the heavens will fulfill all the great dreams of your great heart. 
And may the Salam of Allah be with you always. 
Tags: 1915, Boston, julietthompson, Letters

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to Juliet Thompson, New York, December 17, 1919
Dear Juliet, 
I was told just now that the Weirs have decided to keep the studio and that their daughter, also a painter, is to occupy it. I wish I could tell you how sorry I am about it. I was so happy in the thought of having you as a neighbour. In the meanwhile I shall be asking everybody about studios - we may be able to find something just as good. 
I know that you have much to say about Washington and I want to hear every word. I, too, have a great deal to tell you about the Near East. One thing I am certain of is this: the great war enhanced human consciousness but not human justice. 
And may God bless you always. 
Ever yours 
Dec. 17, 
Tags: 1919, baha'i, julietthompson, Letters, NewYork