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Ayyuha al-Layl [An Ode to the Night], al-Funun 1, no. 1 (April 1913), pp. 1-4  [owned by Mary Elizabeth Haskell; inscribed by the Author].

Tags: al-funun, anodetothenight, GibrankhalilGibran, kahlilgibran, maryelizabethhaskell

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Kitab Dam'ah wa Ibtisama [A Book of Tears and Mirth], New York: Atlantic Press, 1914 [owned by Mary Elizabeth Haskell; inscribed by the Author].

In 1914 Nasib 'Aridah, the editor of al-Funun, published this collection of fifty-six of Gibran’s early newspaper columns (known in English as 'A Tear and a Smile' or 'Tears and Laughter'); most are a page or two long, and the volume as a whole comprises about a hundred pages. For the most part they are prose poems: painterly expositions of a vivid image or story fragments. The themes are love, spirituality, beauty, nature, and alienation and homecoming. Typical are “Hayat al-hubb” (The Life of Love), portraying the seasons of love of a man and a woman from the spring of youth to the winter of old age, and “Amama ‘arsh al-jamal” (Before the Throne of Beauty), in which the goddess of nature tells the poet how she was worshiped by his ancestors and counsels him to commune with nature in wild places. Gibran feigned reluctance to republish these pieces on the grounds that he had moved beyond them. They are not especially deep, but they have a freshness and the moral and aesthetic earnestness that was always Gibran’s strength in his writing and his art. The collection was dedicated to Haskell using her initials, “M.E.H.”

Tags: al-funun, GibrankhalilGibran, kahlilgibran, maryelizabethhaskell, tearandasmile, tearsandlaughter

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Lagrimas e sorrisos (Kitāb Dam‘ah wa Ibtisāmah), translated into Brazilian Portuguese by José Mereb, Rio de Janeiro: Typograhia Guarany Pelotas, 1920 [owned by Mary Elizabeth Haskell].

Tags: 1920, maryelizabethhaskell, portuguese, tearsandlaughter, translation

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Paulo Coelho, Namehaye Asheghane Payambar (Cartas de amor de um profeta: Love Letters from a Prophet [Kahlil Gibran to Mary Haskell, 1908-1924]), Translated into Persian by Arash Hejazi, Tehran (Iran): Caravan Publishing, 2000.

Tags: 2000, LoveLetters, maryelizabethhaskell, PauloCoelho, Persian, translation

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Miss (Mary Elizabeth) Haskell's School for Girls, Boston, 314 Marlborough St. (Today Building's Planimetry).

Tags: MarlboroughStreet, maryelizabethhaskell, school

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Mary Elizabeth Haskell, Standard Examinations for Non-College Pupils, The School Review, Vol. 14, No. 10 (Dec., 1906), The University of Chicago Press, pp. 754-757.

Tags: 1906, maryelizabethhaskell, Review, school