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Suheil Bushrui and James M. Malarkey (eds.), "The Literary Heritage of the Arabs: An Anthology", London: Saqi Books, 2013.

Tags: 2013, anthology, JamesM.Malarkey, SuheilBushrui

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Elvis Presley's First Copy of The Prophet Housed at the Gibran National Museum of Lebanon - Purchased by Glen Kalem-Habib 9th of March 2013

To Whom it may Concern 

My name Homer. M Gilleland For 29 years proceeding his death I was the personal hairdresser 

of Elvis Aaron Presley. 

I originally worked at department store in Memphis called Goldsmiths which had a hair salon. This is where I first met Elvis mother

Gladys.  I also began cutting Elvis fathers hair that is how I Elvis and I gegan doing his hair as well. 

During my employment as Elvis' hairdresser he gave me as gifts numerous items of clothing and personal


This book titled The Prophet was the first book that Elvis received as a gift back in 1955

and it's a book he would continue to read the rest of his life.

Next to the bible it was his favorite book. This particular book which Elvis has handwritten “e.Ps 

personal copy was the book he would often read to his mother. 

Gladys loved this book as well and loved to listen to Elvis read passages out of it.

As with all of Elvus books he would underline certain passages and make notes throughout the book.

Elvis later gave this first copy of this book which he used to read to his mother years later to Charlie Hodge.

I was present when Elvis gave Charlie(d)  this book

Homer M Gilleland 


Tags: 1955, Celebrities, Elvis, TheProphet

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Laylat fi al-Arz: Hawl haflat Jubran", al-Irfan, Oct 1, 1931. 


Tags: 1931, arabic, article, Funeral

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Kahlil Gibran Lectures by Joseph Ghougassian Set at S.D. (10/8/1975), USD News, News Releases - University of San Diego, City College Office of Public Information
Tags: 1975, JosephGhougassian, lectures, SanDiego

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"Jababiret al-Ard" (The Earth Gods), a theatre play, adaptation of the book by Kahlil Gibran, Ramallah 2003.


Ashtar Theatre's play titled, "Jababiret al-Ard" [The Earth Gods], and performed by Walid abd es-Salam, Omar al-Jallad, Mahmud Eid, and Maysun Rafidi. The play is an adaptation of a book written by Kahlil Gibran of the same name, directed by Ashtar's artistic director Iman Aoun and visual artist Taysir Barakat (Ramallah, Palestine 2003); English and Arabic original texts. It includes an introduction to Ashtar and a project description in terms of the synopsis and aesthetics of the performance of the play, in addition to tours and a list of biographies of the team involved in the process.
Tags: 2003, adaptation, arabic, AshtarTheatre, English, Ramallah

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The Works of Kahlil Gibran exhibit catalog, The Arab American Society of Houston and University of Houston Libraries, May 1, 1970-June 1, 1970
Tags: 1970, art, catalog, Gibran, Houston

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Gibran Khalil Gibran: Sketches, Ithraeyat Magazine, Issue 17, June-July 2022.

Tags: 2022, Gibran, magazine, Sketches